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"Synergy is what happens when one plus one equals ten or a hundred or even a thousand!" - Steven Covey

Welcome to Synergy Consulting Group (SCG)

Our services include consulting in many sectors by industry, company, and start-up specialty. Many great ideas stop at initial stages due to lack of execution, education, or knowledge. Some businesses with expertise do not have the capability to grow because of inadequate workforce. We at Synergy Consulting Group (SCG) have met with thousands of companies and have advised them and have invested in them. We have skin in the game.

The Key is Our People: Synergy Consulting Group (SCG) is not your average management consulting firm. Our consultants are composed of top-performing buyside portfolio managers, sell-side analysts, private investors, Chief Medical Officers, successful business owners, and high-end brand marketing experts with real-world experience. We have invested our own assets in the companies we advise. That’s skin in the game. We are not afraid to give our clients objective advice.

Synergy of Talents: We help founders and leaders execute their ideas, turnaround businesses in niche markets, advise management to navigate through tough economic cycles, expand into various geographic markets, develop new business segments, and provide services for fund-raising to further expand their businesses. In this fast-changing business environment, it is necessary that your firm not only follows the trends but leads them.

What’s to Come: We are implementing live videos and podcasts with experts in their fields, so our clients will have better access. In addition, we will have a Twitch channel on our site. Our blogs will be a proactive connection between consultants providing advice to our clients, but the key will be our Knowledge Center portal, which will be available to our clients.

Global Consulting Services

Synergy Biotech

Synergy Alternative Investments Evaluation

Digital and Brand Ambassador

Consumer / E-commerce

Restaurant / Food and Beverage

Industrials and Infrastructure

Real Estate and Property

B2B / B2C Consulting

Fund Raising / Creative Sourcing Deals

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Hands-on Consulting

We actively support strategy, operations, and management with a complex approach. We roll up our sleeves with our clients and dig deep. We “kick the tires” to improve profitability, market share, and top-line growth.

synergy business growth: finger pointing at growth arrows

Business Growth and Management

We help management expand and operate companies effectively for long-term success. We have been studying these sectors for years and understand which strategies work for various market cycles and geographic regions. Our sector specialists have rated and invested in some of the most efficient companies in the world.

synergy fundraising: wallstreet street post sign

Fund Raising

There are more funds than listed stocks in the US (this includes mutual funds). Our alternative investment managers are some of the brightest in the world. Our investment consultants have not only co-worked with investment managers but have conducted their due diligence together. We deeply understand this process and keep close relationships with the managers, the funds, and the philosophy.

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E-Commerce and Digital Consulting

In the digital world, e-commerce has made conducting business faster, more accessible, and reached a wider audience. Through the initial learning curve, we help clients navigate challenges so they can improve delivery across regions, partners, and vendors.

synergy b2b connection: two business individuals shakings hands at a business meeting

B2B / B2C Connections

We help facilitate transactions and negotiations between businesses, whether by partnering or direct to retail consumers. E-commerce has made it easier to do business across the world, if you adapt to the changes.

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Brand Marketing

High-end marketing is a specialized approach that focuses on promoting luxury or premium brands to affluent or discerning customers. Deep understanding of the luxury market, strategic thinking, creativity, and the ability to develop tailored marketing strategies that align with the unique characteristics of high-end brands and their target audience is our speciality. The ultimate goal of high-end marketing is to generate business growth in the competitive luxury market.

What We Do

Business Industry Consulting

Every one of our consultants are industry experts in Biotech, Marketing, Investment Strategy, Banking, Private Equity, Food & Beverage, Manufacturing, Infrastructure, Real Estate, and Sourcing. We take upmost pride in what our clients want to establish.

Real Estate and New World Infrastructure

Real estate is usually one of the most valuable assets. Many factors must be taken into account, not just lending rates and prices. Our Real Estate Funds optimize this asset class. Infrastructure funding is usually for a municipal project to modernize or repair infrastructure. Our Infrastructure Funds invest to get a steady return that is a relatively safe asset. We are making inroads into the future to create sustainable development and renovation. We advise our clients in both Real Estate and Infrastructure funding to generate capital and produce a better world for tomorrow.

Expert Network Connections

In this digital world, we have networks of specialty consultants, analysts, and business owners that track and remain ahead of the trends that shape our global economy.

Brand Marketing & Ads

Every client is different in their culture and needs. Our marketing & ad campaigns use all the technology available to build a strong foundation to grow and compete. We combine client understanding with market awareness to provide the optimum strategy for sustained growth.

Evaluation of Alternative Investments

The Investing landscape has changed dramatically. Evaluating Alternative Investment Strategies is a lot different than it was even a few years ago. New and alternative asset classes have gotten more functional and essential. Our investment consultants provide a way forward in this new environment. We review risk and reward, but also proactively strategize to keep our clients in the best and most current model.

Deep Dive Research

Deep dive research from our consultants not only provides industry research, but we also thoroughly understand the vision and philosophy of our clients. Our consultants strive to maintain deep relationships with our clients and other companies in the industry.

Our Global Network of Consultants

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