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“Bill Hwang From Humble Beginnings”

 Legendary hedge fund manager Bill Hwang is like no other hedge fund managers. He is in the middle of a trial for losing in 2 days close to $20 billion but now it’s being revealed at $35billion. This caused a rippled affected in big bulge bracket investment banks such as UBS, Goldman, Morgan, CS and […]

“Hangover After Black Friday Sales and Cyber Monday”

Growing up in the US, personal credit cards balance could easily get out of hand if not managed carefully. Admittedly I was one example in my earlier years at the University I attended. Near the campus of the university where I attended, there were booths offering credit cards lined up on my way to class. […]

“Judge voids Elon Musk’s $56 billion Tesla pay package”

The narrative surrounding Elon Musk and his ventures offers a vivid illustration of the complexities and challenges of pioneering innovation in the modern era. Musk’s journey from a humble beginning, almost going bankrupt even after his stake sales of PayPal, he went all-in on his next venture and almost went bankrupt, sleeping in friends couches, […]


The C word was taken from the hit show the “L” word on hit show Showtime. However, the letter below isn’t about LGBTQ or any other C word. It’s about COVID, which has been showing increasing signs again worldwide. While quarantine for 2 weeks was difficult. Going to the hospital to get treatment is expensive. […]

Last Trading Day of the Year

Source: Yahoo finance, Below is also a chart on Bitcoin which also had a great run ahead of regulatory uncertainty:     Financial markets outlook: As we approach the end of 2023. Here are some thoughts on the points: Fed Policy and Inflation: The Federal Reserve’s policy decisions and their impact on interest rates […]

“Can I Buy You a Drink Aura?

  The below story is my real experience with my friends recently about much discuss topic AI-Robots. The evolution and future of robotics and artificial intelligence is interesting to say the least. Some people fear it, while others embrace it. Some think robots could have a bigger negative impact than global warming. First, humans started […]

“Going Passive or Aggressive or Both” (A role of an institutional investment consultant)

In the realm of Institutional Investment Consulting, the art of asset allocation takes center stage, leveraging indices and historical data to forecast future returns across diverse asset classes. If my memory serves me correctly from CFA level II studies, long-term returns are close to 80% asset allocation decision vs manager selection. While the traditional 60% […]

Hong Kong Fintech Week 2023: A Deep Dive into Innovation and Collaboration

  A Convergence of Minds and Machines   Hong Kong Fintech Week 2023, held in one of the world’s leading financial centers, offered a vivid panorama of the evolving fintech landscape. Titled “Fintech Redefined”, the event echoed the city’s unique position under the “one country two systems” principle, attracting a global audience and showcasing an […]

“The American Dream in New Jersey” (Dreams do come true)

  San Francisco to San Mateo:   I haven’t been to San Francisco for almost two decades but my recent visit to San Francisco (which I  attended high school during the Joe Montana and Jerry Rice era) was mildly disappointing. I saw a car  drive by itself with no humans. I have never seen it […]